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ScareTissue Interviews Hazmat’s Lou Simon

Lou Simon On Set

Scaretissue is proud to present Lou Simon, writer and director of the films The Awakened and Hazmat.  She’s the founder of White Lotus Productions, and is currently working on the film Agoraphobia (which begins filming in June). According to her biography on whitelotusmovies.com: “When other little girls were playing with dolls, Lou was writing scary stories and …

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Hazmat – A Found(ish) Footage Slasher

The horror world was abuzz in late November when Paramount announced a brand new Friday the 13th installment. Immediately, speculation on where the film would pick up (or if it would be another reboot) began. But then, like an machete to the head, we were surprised to find out that the studio was …

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