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Official Poster: Room 9 Starring Kane Hodder & Michael Berryman

Room 9 Poster

PhilaDreams Films releases the official poster for Room 9 starring Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th franchise) and Michael Berryman (Hills Have Eyes, Weird Science). Room 9 Synopsis Life altering sins of the past revisit lost souls in a small town… 40 years later! Room 9 Cast Starring: Kane Hodder as Beau Johnson Michael Berryman as …

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Victor Crowley (2017) – Premiere Review

Victor Crowley

Let me make this clear from the get-go: I am a huge fan of Adam Green and of ArieScope Pictures. If you’re seeking a review of Victor Crowley (i.e., Hatchet IV) written with 100% objectivity, I urge you to look elsewhere, because I’m gushing so hard with fanboy love that …

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Friday the 13th: The Game – Kills Galore!

Back in October of last year it was announced the Friday the 13th: The Game would be coming home. A new video hit YouTube the other day that shows some more in-game footage and it… looks… AMAZING. The official release date of the game is right around the corner (expected …

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Horror Icons Unite In William Froste

William Froste

I think it’s pretty clear that I’m a horror buff. I love the genre. Hell, it’s the reason Pip and I founded this site. That said, I’m super pumped to bring news of an upcoming flick with a cast that’s quite frankly pretty damn awesome. Natalie Bible’ Brings Together An Iconic …

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Krampus: The Devil Returns From Director Jason Hull

Krampus Snowflake Poster

Super excited to pass along information about an upcoming project with some BIG horror names attached to it! Krampus: The Devil Returns Indie Director Jason Hull announces 4th feature film Erie, PA (March 30, 2015) Director Jason Hull and Snowdog Studio announce their sequel to 2014’s Krampus: The Christmas Devil, in …

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Forest, Mutants, Love… In The Time Of Monsters

Hey Matt Jackson, I liked Malcolm in the Middle too! There.  I said it. If you don’t know who Matt Jackson is, he is the director of Love in the Time of Monsters.  LITOM wants to be  a 1980’s creature feature, but it is way more than that.  While everything about it looks and feels 80s, it also …

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Love In The Time Of Monsters Available Now!

So, did anybody happen to a catch a little film that hit VOD called Love in the Time of Monsters?  It’s the new horror comedy starring Kane Hodder, Doug Jones, Gena Shaw, and Marissa Skell.  Directed by Matt Jackson, the film looks fun and horrifying all the same time. Scaretissue just received the following production notes …

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