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‘The Last Ones’ Have Arrived on DVD and Blu-ray

The Last Ones

The Last Ones Have Arrived On DVD & Blu-ray Available at Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon and Deep Discount DVD The Last Ones is an independent feature film written and directed by Andrew Jara. It is a tale of psychological suspense, visceral terror, and the darker side of human nature.  It acts …

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A Nightmare It Was

Zombie Nightmare (1987)

Haitian voodoo! Zombie revenge! Scumbag punks! Adam West! What couldn’t you like about Zombie Nightmare? Answer: A LOT. This 1987 Canadian horror flick begins with little Tony Washington cheering for his dad at a little league baseball game. When it is over, Tony and his parents are walking home, only to …

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Jing! Jing-A-Ling! It’s Killing Time!

Krampus The Devil Returns

“It’s happening again” It’s been five years since Jeremy Duffin’s wife was murdered. It has also been five years since his daughter was kidnapped by that pesky Christmas Devil, Krampus. Now, it is time for Jeremy (A.J. Leslie) to emerge from seclusion and assist his former precinct in the search …

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Nerd! Nerd! Nerd! Nerd’s the Word!

Killer Nerd & Bride of Killer Nerd Double Feature

Dear Troma: Even if you don’t have direct hand-on-reel contact, you manage to deliver us some of the best quality slop I’ve grown to love. Mixed into this ‘Slopping Pot’ is the 90s comedy-horror funks, Killer Nerd [1991] and Bride of Killer Nerd [1992], both written and directed by Mark …

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Death Walks – UK Premier This Friday

Death Walks

Death Walks is a zero budget horror film directed by Spencer Hawken starring stars Jessie Williams, Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty, and Francesca Ciardi. It centers on a group of people trying to survive inside a shopping center that is under attack by the dead. Death Walks marks Francesca Ciardi’s first horror film since her …

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