May 20, 2024

The Alien Report – UFO Found Footage Thriller. Believer Or Not.

A wild new found footage thriller, based on the real UFO phenomena called the The Alien Report releases this week. Produced by new filmmakers and visual effects specialists Patrick Donnelly and Kevin Schroeder, this micro-budget endeavor embarks on a bizarre UFO story about a clever young man who captures his UFO encounters on tiny-hidden cameras. Described as an “in-your-face UFO encounter the entire movie”, you’ll dive deep into the the UFO world of telepathic beings, human-alien hybrids, and the elusive Men In Black. Streaming North America on iTunes, Amazon, Google, Vudu and Vimeo starting April 5th, get ready to see what alien abductees have described for decades. Believer or not, decide for yourself.

The Alien Report

IMDB The Alien Report

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