January 18, 2021

‘The Cat With Hands’ Short Film

Last night as I slumbered I had a strange dream . . .

So begins the short film by Robert Morgan (creator of cult YouTube hit, Bobby Yeah). I stumbled upon this short film a while ago, and it is one that is a go-to for me when I feel like freaking out my friends. It is so short but oh so creepy. It begins with a older man telling a young man a scary story, that escalates quickly.

I should caution you that this short film will probably induce some sort of nightmare, unless you are seasoned in the weird part of YouTube, then you could sleep semi well. However, it will take some time to get the strange little rhyme out of your head. The video is below for your viewing pleasure! Also check out the other short films by Robert Morgan here and visit Morgan’s website here. I would also suggest taking a peek at Morgan’s artwork, also nightmare fuel.

Happy Haunting!


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