December 1, 2023

The Collection (2012)

The Collection (2012)The Collection, which could have and perhaps should have been called The Collector II, was one of the best horror movies I have seen in many years.  If I had to sum this movie up in one single sentence it would be:  Brilliantly written and well thought out gore fest.  You NEVER see a horror movie that has BOTH large amounts of gore AND brains! I just can’t get over how good this movie was.  Since I’m writing a “movie review” I suppose I have to name some negatives, right?  OK I’ll try.

The “Negative” is the relevance of the girls father and family history.  Why was she picked?  What’s the point of her father?  I assume it’s because he has money, and you’ll see how he utilizes that money.  If it’s because he has money, they could have done a better job of making that point.  However, with all of that being said, this is NOT a reason to dislike this film!  Hell no!

The Collection starts off right where The Collector ended, with Arkin being “held” in hostage by the mad man.  He then, as is everyone else in the box is used as bait, which leads to one of the BEST kill scenes I have ever seen in any movie since the beginning of time.  I’ll give you a two word hint.  NIGHT-CLUB.  Actually, this was the only part of the film where the special effects could have been sharper, yet it was STILL the best kill scene I have ever seen in a movie, any movie.

Once the police and wealthy father of the newest victim find out Arkin is the only person to have ever survived the hands of the mad man, they “trick” him into leading them to his building.  Then the movie goes from GREAT to ABSOLUTELY GREAT.  It amazes me how a horror movie in this day and age, especially a sequel can be so original and smart.  Let’s be honest, how many smart AND gory horror movies have you seen?  How many smart AND gory sequels have you seen?  Even less!  I know I keep saying this and you might ask what it is I mean exactly.  What I mean is this:  There is a TON of gore, yet the gore has a point.  There aren’t kills just to kill people.  There aren’t kills through out the movie simply because it goes “X” minutes without a kill.  The kills are calculated and there is a reason for most, if not all of them.  All of them are original.  Although I love Michael, Jason, and Freddy, none of the kills would fit well into those movies because there is a reason for the kills in this film, unlike many kills in those films.

The characters are developed well, to the point that you root for, or perhaps against some of them.  Either way, you’ll feel certain emotions as each person is killed.  That’s another difference between this “slasher” film and most other slasher films.  You root for Arkin, yet you can’t help but like The Collector.  He’s smart, calculated, tough and relentless.  If there was a University for murderers, he’d have his Doctorate in killing.

The movie set itself is filmed in pretty much one spot, allowing for them to use the money they had for other things, and it showed.  The special effects were great, for the most part, the costumes were great and the Collector’s mask is the best mask since Michael Myers.  And yes, I have to say the acting was well above par, just one more reason this is a great horror movie!

One bit of advice before seeing this film.  You should see the first film The Collector before you see this.  You’ll understand the second film much better if you see the first film before viewing this.

Overall, I give this film a 4/5 slashes!  I’d give it a 5/5 but c’mon, is there really a perfect film?

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