April 19, 2024

The Dark Room Starring Diane Franklin Premieres of Kings of Horror

THE DARK ROOM from filmmakers, Jake C. Young and Kenny Scott Guffey makes it’s premiere on KINGS OF HORROR.

The Dark Room

80’s icon Diane Franklin (The Last American Virgin, Better Off Dead) stars alongside Kayla Perkins, and Jake C. Young.

The Dark Room Synopsis

As murders grip a small town, a photographer uncovers something sinister while developing pictures for a local religious leader. While the body count rises around him, the photographer is pursued by a mysterious woman and also finds his sanity questioned by his own doctor.

Welcome to the spine-chilling realm of Kings of Horror, where we’re on a heart-pounding mission to unite horror enthusiasts worldwide! Dive into our sinister playground, where fans connect and interact with all things horror. Join us on the ultimate scare-sharing adventure as Kings of Horror spreads the chills across the globe, making fear a global phenomenon!

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