March 3, 2024

The Devil’s Daughter / Unfacebook Now Available

The Devil's Daughter and Unfacebook

The Devil’s Daughter and Unfacebook are now available everywhere from Bayview Entertainment.

The Devil’s Daughter

The Devil's Daughter

The story of the devil’s daughter who is desperately seeking God’s forgiveness. She soon receives her penance: come to earth to find a way to make up for all of the evil that her father has caused.

The Devil’s Daughter Now Available on Amazon



A priest tired of having to listen to the sins of his parishioners decides that it is time to punish them for doing the will of the Lord. After inducing three people to suicide (a pedophile, an adulterous wife, and a con artist), he decides to recruit an army of the “Knights Templar” in the service of God. To do this he uses a bizarre new internet social media platform, Unfacebook, and through his hypnotic abilities turns a group of young men into killers at his service

Unfacebook Now Available on Amazon

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