November 28, 2023

The Devils Woods Slashes to VOD and DVD May 10th

The Devil’s WoodsBrinkVision Releases the Horror of The Devil’s Woods on VOD & DVD May 10th!

“A Return to The Old Classic Gothic/Folk Horror Movie” – Film Bizarro

BrinkVision is releasing the expertly crafted horror film The Devil’s Woods on VOD and DVD May 10th! The Devils Woods has been one of the most talked about horror films from horror critics for its visceral, violent, and sometimes emotional rollercoaster ride. Writer/Director Anthony White pays homage to the Italian horror films of the 1970’s from director Mario Bava and such classics as The Wicker Man and Last House on the Left. The Devils Woods is for fans of nostalgic classic horror, and will keep you on the edge of your seat!

The Devils Woods stars Stephen Cromwell from Love/Hate, From The Dark, and is currently seen regularly on Red Rock. The cast also includes Danielle Keaney, Daniel Mahoney, Caoimhe Cassidy, Eoin Quinn, and Aoife King.

“A Terrific Fun Watch” – Cine House UK

The Devil’s Woods Synopsis

A group of friends trying to repair their strained relationships decide to spend the weekend camping at a music festival. On route they stop off at a small town in the middle of rural Ireland. However, this seemingly idyllic country town is darkened by a history of strange events. Can a town that is inherently evil literally tear them apart? Can they survive…. The Devil’s Woods

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