June 18, 2024

The Evil Dead & Evil Dead II (Original Theatrical Posters) By Graham Humphreys

Graham Humphreys is a legend of horror movie art. With a career that spans nearly 40 years, his artwork has become synonymous with some of cinema’s most iconic horror films, including Sam Raimi‘s Evil Dead series.

Back in 1983, The Evil Dead got its UK distribution, two years before the Video Recordings Act came into law in September 1985. Graham was approached to create a UK poster for the theatrical release of the film and such was its success, Graham’s art went on to adorn numerous VHS and Blu-Ray sleeves over the years.

When Raimi was prepping Evil Dead II, Graham was approached to create the key art for the film, which later popped up and was lovingly referenced in Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s series, Spaced.

Over the years the original complete artwork for both pieces has disappeared, but using photographs of the original painting, along with high-res scans and other resources provided by Graham and the studios, both Graham’s original The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II posters have been fully remastered by Matt Ferguson and Florey resulting in possibly the best versions ever produced of either poster.

We plan to work with Graham much more in the future, and this project has been great fun and we can’t wait for collectors to get these in their hands!

Art By Graham Humphreys

The Evil Dead Movie Poster Graham Humphreys

The Evil Dead
Art By Graham Humphreys
Edition of 350
36×24 inches
Hand Numbered Fine Art Lithograph

Evil Dead II Movie Poster Graham Humphreys

Evil Dead II
Art By Graham Humphreys
Edition of 350
36×24 inches
Hand Numbered Fine Art Lithograph

The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II by Graham Humphreys are available from Vice Press at https://vice-press.com/


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