December 1, 2023

The Fiancé (2016)

Bigfoot is a problem. The Russian Mob. . . a bigger problem in The Fiancé .

The Fiancé is an indie flick that is going to be released on DVD in January, and I had the opportunity to see it early! This is tagged as a Bigfoot film, and if anyone knows me, they know I love creature features. Bigfoot, Sasquatch, aliens, Loch Ness Monsters. . . any monsters, I’ll take it.

This film begins with two men running through the woods with a video camera, as they stop and scream about what they saw, we hear a roar that can be the one and only Bigfoot. . .

Eventually we meet Michael and Sara, a couple about to be engaged. Michael hasn’t had good luck with love, so maybe the third time’s a charm? I’m thinking probably not. For some reason I am suspicious of all the characters in this movie, and I really don’t know why. I’m also a little confused with Mike’s business troubles. Why is he so worked up? Later I realize the issue.

Cut to Phil Philbin who is an interviewer on the show, “Monster Mania”, where he interviews people who claim to have spotted Bigfoot. Eventually I’m thinking this will tie into the film. Next we see Michael waiting for Sara to arrive, and as she does, she is attacked by Bigfoot. Because she is bitten by the creature, she develops into a feral state, attacking Mike. My favorite part is when she hits Mike in the head with some sort of wood, and he just stands there and asks “Why?”, in the most heartbroken way I’ve ever heard someone speak. One thing leads to another and Mike gets the shit scratched out of him.  I also am really digging the flashbacks of Mike and Sarah’s dating life. It’s very weird and dramatic.

This movie escalates quickly, who knew the Russian Mafia could be tied into a Bigfoot film? Now that’s what I call creativity. One thing I could’ve done without was the constant soundtrack playing in the background. Silence is okay. I don’t  need a symphony  score throughout an entire film. All in all I’m glad I gave this movie a watch. It was a good time, and I’m glad to add it to the list of Bigfoot films I enjoy.

Director: Mark Michaels
Writer: Mark Michaels
Stars: Carrie Keagan, Dallas Valdez, Douglas Tait
Producer: Staci Layne Wilson

Twitter, IMDb, Official Film Site

Happy Haunting!


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