July 20, 2024

The First Step – What Is Making Your House Creak?

The First StepThe First Step is a short film written by Kate McMeans and co-written by Daniel Brown. The film stars an intriguing young talent, Payton Walker who plays Sara. I throughly enjoyed this short film and found myself wanting more when the film was over. Sara and her mother (actress Karla Shantz) have moved into an old home with chipped paint and creaking floors. The type of house that holds many memories of past dwellings but has that cold haunting feeling in the air that something or someone is floating by.

Sara… has that feeling. She begins to unpack her belongings, turns off her light and with much hesitancy
crawls into her bed for the night. A very unsettling sound awakens her and the fear is evident on her face. She
is most certain that she’s not alone. Her name is called out in the darkness, “Sara…Sara I’m coming to get you…Sara…”

This story reminded me of the great sleepover stories we shared as young girls. Stories we’d heard about that our sisters had told us for years to scare us at night. Always going home the next morning wondering to ourselves, “Do hauntings exist? Is something wanting my soul?” This short film was erie. It made me laugh from being nervous and I was shocked by what I was watching at times. I distinctly heard myself say…”No way”! If this short does happen to come your way, I say watch it!

It’s the best 7 minutes you’ll spend!

You can learn more about The First Step at the following links.  Tell em ScareTissue sent you!


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