July 20, 2024

The Hellgate To Begin Shooting April 2023

The Hellgate – Indie horror feature film to begin shooting April 2023

The Hellgate

BloodScribe Creations is currently gearing up to begin shooting their first feature film The Hellgate a film about two youtubers struggling to make it in their niche while being haunted by a mysterious ghost. The film will be shot in April 2023 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Stacey (Emily Dani) and Lilian (Veronica Bergr), best friends and roommates, are pushing 30 and still struggling to make it in the world. Creative project after project seems to fall apart before it can catch any steam and their most recent podcast “Breakdowns and Body Bags” a youtube channel about their two favorite passions, Horror movies and Metal music is starting to do the same. They can’t seem to get their sub count to grow as fast as their bills until one night, while drunkenly trespassing into a graveyard, they accidentally capture footage of a ghost! They use the footage on their channel and their popularity explodes, but likewise, their haunting begins…

Lilian is obsessed with discovering the mystery identity of their ghost while Stacey is more worried about how violent their hauntings have become. How far is Lilian willing to go to discover the truth and who is she willing to sacrifice for it?

The Hellgate is the first feature film written and directed by DJ Remark, an award winning filmmaker from Akron, OH. BloodScribe Creations has produced six award winning short films which include such accolades as Best Director in the LA Shorts Awards, Best Script in the Cincinnati Fright Film Competition, Best Horror short (Red Dragon Creative), as well as several Best Actor, and Best Cinematography awards in both local and global film festivals.

The Hellgate is a love letter to 80s horror films and all heavy metal music. It’s a character driven story that is contemporary and timeless. The Hellgate will rely heavily on practical special effects and gags, and real locations for their set pieces instead of heavy CGI. Bloodscribe Creations expect to make a splash in the indie film industry with their first offering to put Hollywood on notice.

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