July 14, 2024

THE HOUSE IN THE PINES New Teaser Poster Revealed

Horror Works Productions has released a new teaser poster for their upcoming horror film, THE HOUSE IN THE PINES.

The House In The Pines

The House In The Pines Synopsis

Somewhere deep in the woods in the Pine Barrons of New Jersey sits a house surrounded by evil. A group of high school friends set out on a fun-filled vacation only to watch their adventure become a hellish nightmare. They quickly find out there is no escape from The House In The Pines.

“We are extremely excited to bring you this new teaser artwork. This project has grown since our initial announcement and it’s going to be bigger and more horrifying than we ever imagined. Our next announcement will have your shiver in terror.” – Michael Joy

The House In The Pines Poster

Horror Works Productions (https://www.facebook.com/HorrorWorksProductions/) are Mario Cerrito, Michael Joy, and John DiRenzo.

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