April 12, 2024

The Id (2016)

“The Id” starring Amanda Wyss, is disturbing, uncomfortable, and awesome!

Official Synopsis: “For decades, Meridith Lane (Wyss) has felt trapped in her home. Surviving on memories of youth, she watches the years slip by while caring for her abusive father…until a figure from her past makes a surprising return. In order to live the life she desires, Meridith must confront her father’s monstrous cruelty and attempt to escape his tyrannical grip. But the man who controls her every move won’t let go without a fight, leading father and daughter into a series of desperate and irreversible acts. As Meridith’s psyche is slowly pushed to the breaking point, the line between fantasy and reality is hopelessly blurred. With strangers prying at the door and the walls of her childhood home closing in, Meridith spirals into a frightening world of paranoia, madness…and violence.”

I was very excited to have the chance to screen The Id, as I love Amanda Wyss! I was not disappointed as Amanda really threw herself into the role of Meridith Lane, a woman who is stuck in the walls of her home, caring for her old and controlling father. When she receives a call from Ted, an old boyfriend who is in town, Meridith obsessively fantasizes about the high school romance, and seems she will do anything to reignite the flame. I enjoyed Amanda’s performance, as well as everyone else’s in the movie. There was absolutely no cheese here, as all the actors and actresses played their parts perfectly. This is a movie I will recommend to people who love a slow burner, where you just KNOW something bad is about to happen.

The Id is a great psychological thriller, with all the right pieces that fit together perfectly, as we watch the unraveling mind of a woman who isn’t all there, and probably never was.

The Id is available on Blu-ray here


  • Amanda Wyss as Meridith Lane
  • Patrick Peduto as Father
  • Jamye Grant as Tricia
  • Malcolm Mathews as Ted
  • Karen Leabo as Dana
  • Brent Witt as Fantasy Ted and Officer McDaniel
  • Stefanie Guarino as Officer Lopez
  • Erin Astin as Young Meridith
  • Ryan Bouton as Young Ted

Happy Haunting!


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