October 2, 2023

The Lights (2015)

Australian Indie Film “The Lights” is low-budget, but high enjoyment.

The Lights (2015)The Lights is filmed about as low-budget and found footage-y as it gets. The camera quality is low, but for me, that added to realness of what I was watching; which was an alien encounter in the countryside of South Wales.

The premise of the film is nothing too intricate. A group of friends explore a location where there is supposed alien activity, and they want to document it. As one of the friends goes missing, a new woman appears, named Jennifer. She is disoriented, and is also carrying a gun. Things begin to escalate, and we delve further into what “the lights” actually are. A word of advice. . . don’t go looking for them.

Some people may be quick to dismiss a film like The Lights because they want high-budget and well scripted scares, with special effects at every twist and turn. But for me, and many die-hard horror fans, we want it realistic. Found footage is a tricky concept. Many say it is over done, but with films like The Lights, it works. The actors and actresses do a great job of being real, and I never once got the vibe that they were over-acting. There were some genuinely creepy moments in this movie, because I could see any group of friends doing something like this; venturing out and about to find something creepy, and talking like normal people on the way. There were also some really unnerving sound effects in this movie, that were used just perfectly.

I have to give the directors and actors a lot of props for The Lights, and I hope to see the film take off, and get some credit where it’s due.

Directed by: Christopher Krupa, Glitchfilms

Starring: Liam Breton, Tracy Collins, Tom Matthews, Madelaine Osborn, Emily Whyte, Todd Williams.

Official Website Link here

Happy Haunting!


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