December 2, 2023

The Midnight Lullaby by Cheryl Low

The Midnight Lullaby by Cheryl Low

The Midnight LullabyThe Midnight Lullaby by Cheryl Low was provided to me by Grinning Skull Press a small indie publisher that specializes in horror fiction novels, novellas, and anthologies.

I very much enjoyed this novella, and read it in two sittings. It is about a family of ghost hunters, convening for the funeral their mother (the matriarch) of the family. This is no normal burial, and this family has many things hidden from each other. The story centers around a man, and his best friend, who has also haunted him these past ten years. This is the night where secrets will be laid bare, where mother isn’t the only thing being put to rest.

Not only was this story about a dysfunctional family, but it was also a love story. Now, normally I’m not  a huge fan of paranormal romance, but this wouldn’t fall exactly into that category. This was darker than a romance, and it was something I could enjoy reading.  I would recommend this novella for people who like stories about witchcraft, hauntings, seances, ghost hunters, and wealthy people.

Cheryl Low’s writing was mysterious, inclusive, and cuurent. I look forward to reading more from her!

Happy Reading,

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