December 6, 2023

The Possession of Michael King (2014)

The Possession Of Michael KingWe have our Exorcist, our Insidious and even our Paranormal Activity films…in all of these, the hapless humans never sought out the company of the demon that plagued their story, not until now.

The Possession of Michael King challenges this. A demon fascinated man decides to educate himself with all the people and literature associated with demonology that he can. Michael King is on a very personal mission to prove that not only is God not real, but the dark side of the spirit world is also the “made up” personal belief preference.

I love found footage films. I will say there are a bit too many out there at the moment and every producer seems to be making one. This film is not your normal “jumpy camera” recording running through the woods where you’re left wondering if the 12 year old up the street was asked to be the camera man. The film’s director and writer (David Jung) decided to place stationary cameras throughout Michael King’s home and only when leaving the home does a camera follow. Found footage films are definitely at the preference of the viewer. I myself like this format. Found footage films attempt to bring the supernatural into realism. The boom of reality television certainly had something to do with this. The one benefit is that it also gives you a bigger feel for the entire layout of the film’s set.

I very much enjoyed this film. It wasn’t your typical paranormal activity type of possession. The actor who played Michael King (Shane Johnson ) did an excellent job in his transformation between himself and his possessed “being”. The film left me thinking about the afterlife and what does follow death and it shows a very realistic look into the dark side of laying bare your soul to the things that might be out there.

Have you seen The Possession of Michael King?  Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts!


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