September 27, 2023

The Rotting Within by Matt Kurtz

The Rotting WithinThe Rotting Within by Matt Kurtz

I am so excited to talk to you about The Rotting Within by Matt Kurtz. This novel is  released by Grindhouse Press, an awesome publisher that specializes in “horror, extreme horror, transgressive fiction, sleaze, exploitation, dark humor, and general weirdness with a dark theme.” If you see a title from Grindhouse, you can trust that it will be: horrific, unsettling, and awesome. First I will give you the plot of The Rotting Within, then I will review below.


A Grindhouse Press title: Fleeing an abusive boyfriend, Kenzie Moore and her two small children seek refuge at the Sunrise Bed & Breakfast, a secluded inn run by her estranged grandmother, Shirley.

While there, Kenzie and her children promise to follow one simple rule: stay away from the third floor, where its bedrooms house a pair of reclusive old women. Though the inn seems an idyllic place to start anew, Kenzie quickly discovers something malevolent not only lives under its roof, but moves within its walls.

When Shirley is called away and the kids are mysteriously stricken ill, a torrential storm further isolates the family and brings forth something out of the darkness, something whispering for Kenzie to “kill the children.” It all culminates in a terrifying game of cat and mouse, where Kenzie must battle both new and old demons while trying to prevent an unimaginable horror from taking place on the floors above.

My Review:
I loved The Rotting Within! I felt like I was a part of this story the whole way through. It was fast-paced and so descriptive, Kurtz’s writing places you right in the action. The tension in this story was crazy. From the first page to the last I just felt like something really wrong was happening. My jaw was clenched and I was afraid for Kenzie this entire novel, it seemed like everyone was out to get her. From the way the characters smiled and touched, the way they stared a second too long, to the setting of the story (deep woods in Texas), I was so uncomfortable, my skin was crawling. A simple sound of a neighbor entering their apartment down the hall made me jump. I never do that!
Kurtz had great nods to horror classics sprinkled in his novel, which I enjoyed very much.  I would love to read a continuation of this story, or an origin tale of its mysterious women. This book has everything: creepy old women, Tannis Root, good cooking, an Anthony, no cell reception, Texas, a man in a tank top making an omelet, lightning, and tea.  This is a perfect novel for all horror fans. Please do not make the mistake thinking that this will be a light read. It is heartbreaking, disturbing, and scary as hell. It will be on your mind all day, and night.
5 stars!!
Happy Reading,
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