April 12, 2024

‘The Town That Laughed’ – Indiegogo Last Day!

The Town That LaughedThe Town That Laughed is a gritty film that follows the Gunslinger and his journey through an old west town. He finds himself in the saloon having a few too many drinks from Ellen the barmaid. The Gunslinger encounters Hugo on his way out and they don’t exactly see eye to eye. Naturally, guns end up drawn and an epic showdown ensues in the middle of the town. Hugo ends up being more of a challenge than the Gunslinger gave him credit for and it seems the town likes it that way. It’s currently in its FINAL DAY of an Indiegogo campaign located here: www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-town-that-laughed

The film features the amazing talent of Leslie Easterbrook (Police Academy / Devil’s Rejects), Tim Abell (We Were Soldiers / Hatfields & McCoys) & Evan Dollard (American Ninja Warrior / American Gladiators). It will include the amazing original score of Sean Murray (Buffy The Vampire Slayer / Call of Duty) and the Makeup / FX of Jasmine Ringo (SyFy’s FaceOff / RAW:MUA of the Year 2015). It is a gritty western with a horror twist and we expect it to turn out amazing!

They are  going to be shooting a teaser in the next couple of weeks which we’ll cover here. Stay tuned!

Learn more about The Town That Laughed at the following links:

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8 years ago

Can’t wait..this looks amazing!

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