July 20, 2024

The Truth Behind ‘Bone Ugly Curse’

Bone Ugly CurseHorror author Walter Eugene Lane has shared the terrifying tale of where he found inspiration for his book, Bone Ugly Curse! Read on, if you dare, and find out exactly the type of things that go bump in the night…

Walter writes:

“My new novel BONE UGLY CURSE is a book project I began over twenty-five years ago. It ended up an exercise in frustration and was the cause of a lot of headaches. I worked and worked on the project until I got fed up with it and began to let it slip. It came to the point I wasn’t working on it anymore. Over the years, I’d start back on it but quit when it again became frustrating. I did this time and again. Finally, one last time, I took a crack at it, determined to get through it, and at long last, it’s done!

The novel is about two researchers who dig up a demon-possessed skeleton The monster goes on a rampage of death and destruction. Here’s a little story of how it all began:

Years ago, I worked at a community college as a security officer. Assigned to the late shift, I worked alone in the building in the late, dark hours. I did patrol rounds of the building. That duty often took me past one of the labs. The door had a narrow window in it, and a dim, greenish light glowed through. At night, after hours, the lights in the building were, for the most part, cut off to save energy. The halls were dim,  lit by only a few overhead lights here and there. To be alone in a not so charming, utilitarian old school in the middle of the night can be a little spooky, believe me.

One of the odd qualities of the old school was the funny sound the ventilation system made. I had worked day shifts there and it was a completely different atmosphere in the building. Sunlight beamed through the windows; students bustled about everywhere. It gave the place a sense of ‘life’ it didn’t have at two o’clock in the morning. During the day, I never noticed anything odd about how the ventilation system sounded. But during the night, the old air system sounded exactly like a crowd of people whispering in the dark.

Creepy, let me tell you.

It was in that atmosphere I’d go by that lab door and see the light glowing from that narrow window. The first time I looked inside, I saw a lab skeleton hanging from the stand, a line attached to the top of the skull. The skeleton was back-lit by a light coming from a tank of some sort with a greenish hue. Alone in the building, seeing that thing, my nerves already a little on edge, it almost scared the socks off me.  I came to dread going past that door. During my rounds, I’d glance inside sometimes, but It came to the point I’d avert my eyes as I went by.

It got spooky in that old building—especially when I imagined a skeletal hand reach up and unhook that wire. Can’t you see the thing stepping away from the stand and reaching for the door-handle? Those were times I actually trembled and wished for the morning. But it gave me an idea for a novel and BONE UGLY CURSE is the result. ”

You can buy the book right here: www.amazon.com/BONE-UGLY-CURSE-Walter-Eugene-ebook/dp/B079Q3FK94

And you can find out more about Walter and his other books here: www.walterlane.com

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