November 28, 2023

The Unknowable (New Horror Series) Coming October 25th

The new genre-bending, independent film company JACKALOPE STUDIO invites you to open your mind to the unreal, the dark, and the twisted with their new 10 episode YouTube series THE UNKNOWABLE, from horror writer/director Zach Donohue. All episodes available to stream October 25.

The Unknowable

The Unknowable SYNOPSIS

In 1948, World War II veteran Thaddeus Wilcox left in the middle of the night from his idyllic San Francisco home with his wife Fanny and her sister Mabel to a remote property in the Mojave Desert known as Silent Creek. Compelled by visions of a strange alien species, The Wilcox family spent the year attempting to make contact — but in that time, they would draw the unwanted attention of other more malevolent and unspeakable forces, becoming the subjects of the most disturbing unsolved mystery the world we live in would never know… until now.

THE UNKNOWABLE (Season 1) is a short ten part cosmic horror series that interweaves repurposed public domain black and white footage from the first half of the 20th century, alongside heavily filtered footage from the present, to tell the macabre and weirdly creepy story of the Wilcox Family and the unbelievable events that befell them. The surreal story blends elements of true crime documentaries and cosmic sci-fi horror all in service of telling a story that is 100 percent bonkers and fake, but presenting it as a series of real events that happened in a separate reality in the multiverse, adjacent to ours.

With a chilling Rod Serling-esque narration and an atmospheric score in the vein of John Carpenter’s synth-work, THE UNKNOWABLE is STRANGER THINGS meets the absurdist horror of MULHOLLAND DRIVE, in the style of Chris Marker’s groundbreaking film La Jetée. It’s a show unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, taking you beyond the present, beyond the past, into another realm seen only in dreams.

THE UNKNOWABLE is the first original series from independent film company, Jackalope Studio. Under the creative direction of Kyle Cooper (screenwriter, The Late Bloomer; Snapchat’s Solve), the company’s growing slate of genre projects provides a one-of-a-kind alternative for audiences seeking bold, unique and visionary entertainment. “Our goal is to create work that is innovative, inventive, and wildly imaginative,” Cooper said. “We’re not afraid to get weird. And with Zach Donohue’s THE UNKNOWABLE, we definitely do that. I couldn’t be more excited for what’s in store.”

Of the horror series, director Zach Donohue says, “I wanted to make something for the fans of my first film, and the growing number of people who like to experience unconventional stories that are completely untethered by studio restrictions and emboldened by the type of creative ingenuity that comes from low budget filmmaking… This was an absolute blast to create because I made it all entirely with friends and people I trust and I hope that spirit shines through and grabs you.”

THE UNKNOWABLE is written, directed, edited and scored by Zach Donohue, previously known for the groundbreaking found footage horror film THE DEN (2014), and is narrated by prolific voice over actor, Sean Burgos (Disney’s Growing Fangs, The Babysitter: Killer Queen), with real-life husband and wife Chris Voss (Atropa, Last Life) and Ally Voss (Love In Kind) playing Thaddeus & Fanny Wilcox, the mysterious couple the series is set around. Donohue’s own wife Sarah Eisenberg (iLove) is Mabel, Kimberly Ables Jindra (The Master, The Den) is Agatha Carruthers, Robert Brisco Evans (What Women Want, Black Jesus) is Guntherson the Enigmatic, Garrett Schweighauser (Blindspotting, The Seventh Day) is Devreux E. Mallarme, and Kevin Swanstrom (Atropa, Tricycles) plays the notorious serial killer, Angus Duquette, who goes by the alias The Clown With No Paint on His Face. Produced by Kyle Cooper for Jackalope Studio.

Stream all episodes on the Jackalope Studio YouTube Channel beginning Oct 25:

Jackalope Studio – YouTube

To learn more about Jackalope Studio, please visit


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