May 26, 2024

The Unraveling – New Teaser Trailer!


The Unraveling Teaser

A creepy and unsettling mind bender, THE UNRAVELING is the third feature from the filmmaking team at AZ if Productions, Kd Amond and Sarah Zanotti. Their most recent horror film FAYE (2022) was the first ever one-woman feature film in America and the first one-woman horror feature in the world. It was well received by critics and is available for streaming now on Digital and VOD.

The Unraveling Still


  • Premiere: September 30, 2023 @ The Nashville Film Festival
  • Directed By: Kd Amond
  • Written By: Kd Amond and Sarah Zanotti
  • Produced By: Kd Amond, Sarah Zanotti, Nichole Lim and Ryan James Allen
  • Starring: Sarah Zanotti (FAYE, RATTLED) and Sam Brooks (Netflix’s FEAR STREET , STARGIRL, MALUM)


After suffering a traumatic brain injury, a woman is haunted by a gruesome presence and the suspicion that her husband has been replaced by an imposter.


After suffering a traumatic brain injury from a car accident, Mary Dunne is convinced that her husband, Grayson, has been replaced by an impostor. She receives phone calls from an unknown caller who claims to be the “real Grayson,” causing Mary to suspect that she’s living in a parallel universe with impostors who are gaslighting her and keeping her against her will. Tensions reach a breaking point when Mary finds out she is pregnant with the supposed impostor’s baby.

Kd is an award-winning director and screenwriter based in Nashville, TN. She started her career in production with major studio movies. Her behind the scenes credits include The Best of Me, Terminator Genesys, Scream Queens, The Big Short, Geostorm, The Free World, and Baywatch. Later Kd decided to move to Nashville to pursue a career as an independent filmmaker. Soon after, Kd directed her first feature film Five Women in the End, starring Michael Cudlitz and Corri English, available on VOD. In 2019, she teamed up with Sarah Zanotti to form AZ if Productions. Together they’ve produced five features films. Their first film FAYE, set a record as the first American feature film in history to only star one actress on screen. FAYE is also the first one-woman feature length horror film in the world. FAYE is now available on VOD and digital as well, and last time we checked Rotten Tomatoes…it’s still fresh! The Unraveling is AZ if Productions’ third feature and the one Kd is, by far, the most proud of! Kd loves exploring the darker side of humanity in movies, but also enjoys a raunchy comedy.

Sarah is an actress, screenwriter and film producer currently based out of Nashville, TN. She is a co-founder of AZ if Productions, where she has co-written and starred in five feature films. AZ if Productions’ first release FAYE set a record for being the first one-woman feature film in America and the first one-woman horror feature in the world. FAYE has received rave reviews and praise for Zanotti’s one-woman performance from the likes of Rue Morgue, Daily Grindhouse, Dread Central and many more. FAYE is now available for streaming on VOD and digital platforms. Sarah is also an award-winning screenwriter. Her script LEG, written with Kd Amond, won the Nashville Film Festival’s screenwriting competition in 2021 and placed in Stage 32’s search for New Blood. Sarah has appeared in multiple comedy videos with John Crist and has quickly become a fan favorite, known for her signature humor and quick improvisation. Sarah and John’s videos have been viewed over 35 million times and counting. Sarah graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in songwriting and writes and records music for her films.


I've been a fan of horror and slasher movies for as long as I can remember. I consider the original Halloween to be the best horror movie of all time and my guilty pleasure horror flick would be The Exorcist III. You can find me on Twitter at @406Northlane or TikTok @406Northlane where I'm sure I'll offend you at least once a day.

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