September 30, 2023

The Woken Bones – UK Horror Novel By James Parsons

The Woken Bones

Young couple Ally and Lauren move to the small town of Wyndhamton in southwest England to open a café together with the help Ally’s old friend Kev. With his own life going nowhere, his mother Daphne made him a proposition. Once owner of a shop on the high street, she wants them to have success again but to get it they must agree to include her former business partner Lydia. Daphne soon becomes a daily fixture offering advice and wisdom in the café as business starts to take off.

Kev called in some friends to help renovate the café with the promise of jobs but as the days pass, they disappear one by one. Lauren spends more time training with the mysterious Lydia in the disused shops behind the carved doors on the high street…

With a history of witch trials centuries ago, superstition and fear survive and is quietly apparent on the high street and in the ways of the people. Shopkeepers of the high street start to witness the familiar sight of years ago by their homes at night of the macabre tall figure which waits for offerings as the folklore recalls. Kev too sees this woman of the shadows with her tortured souls by her side as she visits after midnight with her silent threat of what will be taken should she not be respected…

As Lauren is gone from the café after an emotional confrontation with Ally, she leans on Kev. Daphne has a desire to find something deep inside the café which may secure her renewed success and control over the dangerous forces she has woken on the high street…

What does Kev see outside his window late at night? What are those disturbing sounds out in the garden after midnight he hears and cannot ignore? The local legends of witches seeking revenge he used to mock and hope for with his friends, may prove to be something far too real…

For Daphne to return to success on high street and Kev to be with Ally like before what are they prepared to lose or encounter? How many must suffer or make an offering to the witch?
The local legends and lore of vengeful witches to be heeded and bargained with must be remembered and respected but to Ally it sounds so ridiculous…

What would you offer a witch to save a life?
What lies behind the carved doors of the disused shops of the high street?
Rattle the bones, the witch comes home…

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