December 9, 2023

The Woman (2011)

The Woman (2011)
The Woman (2011)

The Woman, directed by Lucky McKee and co-written with Jack Ketchum, wasn’t my all time favorite movie, it wasn’t the best movie of the year, it wasn’t even noticeable to many.  However, at least in my no good opinion, it certainly was original, and to me, an original horror/thriller these days deserve a pat on the back.  Jack Ketchum was the recipient of the Best Screenplay at the Catalonian International Film Festival.  Oh, and if you have heard of that, you’re a god damn nerd and I salute you for being an AWESOME horror fan!

This movie takes place almost solely on a “country” lawyer’s home/farm, and when I say “country” lawyer, I mean redneck idiot lawyer, played by Sean Bridges.  Mr. Lawyer has a wife, who obeys his every word and action, along with two children, one is a teenage daughter who actually realizes how messed up her family is and an adolescent son who just might be a bigger nut job than his father, which will be completely up to you to decide if/when you watch this flick.

Mr. Lawyer, while out “hunting” one day comes across a savage woman who lives and has lived her whole (I think) life in the woods.  Anyway, enough of the play by play and spoilers.  The Lawyer decides that capturing the savage woman and taking her “home,” and then forcing his family to help “civilize” her is in her best interest.  How does it end up for him, his family, and the savage woman?  Watch and find out!  Oh and one more thing…There is a pretty cool twist at the end, which is one reason I claim this movie has some originality.

I do think the acting was above average for most and Sean Bridges did an excellent job. I would rate the entire cast’s acting as excellent if it weren’t for the boy, played by Zach Rand.  His acting was average at best.  “The Woman,” played by Pollyanna McIntosh was absolutely brilliant!  Some may say, she didn’t even talk, that would be easy!  From the many articles I have read, documentaries I have seen, and films I have watched, actors and directors ALWAYS say that a major part with no dialogue is always the hardest part to act.  I’d like to believe they know what their talking about.  So, in that aspect, McIntosh was brilliant!

Overall, I don’t believe you’ll ever go around telling people how great this movie was, but I don’t think you’ll regret watching it.  I went into expecting a little more out of Jack Ketchum, then I realized, just because I know his name doesn’t mean he has ever done anything to blow our socks off, right?  He has done work that kept us interested though, which in my opinion is exactly what this film was, enough to keep me watching. I give this film 3 out of 5 slashes…

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