December 3, 2023

‘There Is No Jesse’ Needs Your Help!

There Is No Jesse CoverFans of the Nightmare On Elm Street films all have their favorite and least favorite episodes.  Upcoming documentary There Is No Jesse delves into on of the more… controversial… installments, 1985’s A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge.  Commonly referred to as “the gay one”, Nightmare 2 is an often overlooked and underappreciated entry into the franchise.

There Is No Jesse is a new, feature-length documentary examining the homo-erotic themes of Nightmare On Elm Street 2 told through a series of revealing conversations with its star, Mark Patton who played Jesse.

The documentary’s official Facebook fan page has this to say:

Nancy Thompson, Kristen Parker, and Alice Johnson — All heroines, sometimes tragic but nonetheless important to the NOES series. What about Jesse Walsh? Unlike his female counterparts, Jesse’s life, his fate, and his battle with the ever-persistent dream killer, Fred Krueger, were left unanswered at the conclusion of NOES2.

So, what happened? What does Jesse represent to generations of GLBT horror fans? And what does his dismissal from the series mean to those people?

Can You Help?

The film’s star Mark Patton posted this to his Facebook page yesterday and I wanted to pass it along to ScareTissue readers – let’s get this to the finish line for Mark and crew!

Mark Patton: We have work to do…..As many of you know I have been preparing There is NO Jesse with Mark Patton for over three years. The time has finally arrived and as we get ready for Shock Pop Comiccon, I have a few loose ends to tie up and for these issues I am going to ask your help, if you can help perfect, if not if you can spread this post perhaps spmeone you know will be able to participate. First as the crew has swelled and the budget depletes I need to purchase 5 additional airline tickets from New York City to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I am hoping that perhaps a few of you can step up and pledge either a ticket or part of a ticket. These tickets are for sound and crew, much but not all of their time has been donated so it is really important to get them there. Ft Lauderdale is a once in a lifetime opportunity as the entire cast and crew of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Freddy’s Revenge™ will be there, saving me thousands of dollars..if we had to pay transportation this would be come impossible. I must explain that TINJ is not a fan film, it is a serious look at what drove NOES2 to be distained and what has transpired in the past few years and why it is gaining popularity. It is not an easy sell but I think it is an important addition to the ELM STREET Legacy and I would like some of the information entered into the public domaine. Thus far most ELM STREET info comes from a particular point of view, one that builds the franchaise and seeks to offend no one, a narative which has been built over decades and accepted as fact. There are different points of view, this is one, well documented and enlighting for those truly interested in the history of ELM STREET.

At Shock Pop there will be many panels and conversations, if you are lucky enough to attend I think you will be thrilled at the information we are discussing, as you know this is the first complete reunion and will likely be the last complete reunion so I would like to save it for history and have the ability to share it with the rest of the ELM STREET Community via this documentry. We are also seeking people who are attending the show and would like to be interviewed about their personal connection to Jesse and NOES2. In addition we are seeking two men or women who will funtion as PAs or interns, these people will recieve meals, photos and access and film credit. If you are interested in any of the above you can reach us at

I am not offering much in compensation, we havent much to give. Just photos, a copy of the DVD, A mention in the credits and my graitude. As you know this has been a labor of love and has been filled with hills and valleys..and now the time has come to finish it and let it go. I hope you can join me on this journey. I know the film means a lot to many of you as it does to me so together we can make this happen. Wish me well, help if you can, spread the word and get ready for a really fantastic discussion.

Once I was reading a post about TINJ in Los Hijos and the young men were laughing at the fact that I would be making a documentery, they said it was like PJ SOLES making a doc about Halloween or Carrie as if neither of us really counted in our own film..the boys continue..what does he know about Freddy? Obviously these guys were really young but it reminded me that many people think NOES is only about Freddy, that is not the way the series begun…lets see how it got to the point that many people think that is true.

If you are at Shock Pop you will have the pleasure of seeing and meeting Jack Sholder, Robert Rusler, Kim Myers, Marshall Bell, Clu, David Chaskin, JoAnn Willette, Robert Barton Englund and Mark Patton, Mark Patton Actor and many more people associated with the film. It is going to be fun and enlighting. I hope you can join us. Once again I ask, if you can help with these final expenses please do. You can also order a autographed photo for 20 dollars and the money will go to these expenses..It will also possible to order other extras from the show. Again the information address is

You can find more info about There Is No Jesse on the film’s Facebok page

Tell em ScareTissue sent ya!


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