March 2, 2024

TheWeevilDead’s Interview With Horror Icon Bill Moseley

Typically when I hear the name Bill Moseley, I automatically think of the now infamous line of Otis B. Driftwood, as he strategically moves his hair from his face; “I am the Devil, and I am here to do the Devil’s work.”  But in The Possession Experiment, Moseley finds himself on the opposite side; this time doing God’s work.

The Possession Experiment is an upcoming horror movie directed by Scott B. Hansen starring Chris Minor, Jake Brinn, Nicky Jasper, KT Fannelli and none other than the legendary Bill Moseley. I recently had the bad-ass privilege of speaking with this man on his role as a priest in the film, his opinion on exorcisms, and finally, what scares Bill?

  • WD- First off, I just wanted to say what an awesome opportunity it is for me to talk with you today. My first question for you is regarding your role in The Possession Experiment. What is it that appealed to you about this film or grabbed your interest to take part in it?
  • BM- Well it was a very juicy role, one that I’ve never played before, and I’m a big fan of the original Exorcist, and actually the other two sequels, and it gave me a challenge to channel my inner Max Von Sydow. I really wanted to take on the challenge of The Church versus the Devil, and Good versus Evil.
  • WD- Every role you play is different from the other in all of your films. For the The Possession Experiment, how did you like playing a priest?
  • BM- In this case it was pretty interesting that the priest and the forces of “good” don’t quite match up to the forces of “evil”. It’s interesting to play a character whose whole life is based on faith and really a certainty that his faith will win eventually. And then to have that destroyed, in addition to feeling a little physical pain there…. *chuckles*.
  • WD- A lot of people view the Rite of Exorcism as a little bit of a taboo. What are your thoughts on exorcisms happening in the world today?
  • BM- Well I think the closest I’ve come (to an exorcism) has been interventions with people that couldn’t stop drinking or using drugs, a couple of those I’ve participated in. Not actively strapping anyone down and pouring holy water on them, but there is a chance that they are “possessed” by something more powerful than they are. I suppose you could say people that can’t stop smoking are in the grips of some kind of possession. Fortunately I have two daughters and neither of them has had their eyes go completely black, or had the bed hop, so that’s good. I think it’s (exorcism) pretty cool, and it’s very rare, and that’s the one thing that’s struck me about it. Demonic possessions… I would think there would be plenty of devils for all of us, we’ve all been possessed at one time or another. It’s very rare, and few and far between.
  • WD- The anniversary of Texas Chainsaw 2 is coming up, I assume Chop Top is one of your favorite characters. What has been the most memorable role you’ve played?
  • BM- Driftwood from Devil’s Rejects and House of 1000 Corpses was a lot of fun to play. I loved working with Tom Savini on a color remake of Night of The Living Dead, and I ended up playing Johnny. That was a ball. I really loved working with Darren Lynn Bousman playing the part of Luigi Largo in Repo! The Genetic Opera and also the part of The Magician in The Devil’s Carnival. That was lots of fun to play. You know I also really liked the role of Logan Burnhardt in a movie directed by Corben Bernsen called Dead Air, as a radio disk jockey during a zombie outbreak.
Image result for bill moseley
Bill Moseley as Otis Driftwood in The Devil’s Rejects


  • WD- Is there anything that can scare you?
  • BM- I like to hike out in the woods in California and there’s a lot of rocks and things to climb, and I’ve climbed a couple times where I’ve found myself unable to go up or down and I couldn’t just jump because I was too high up. That’s always scary where you’re trapped with nowhere to go. There’s no solution. Another time I get scared is where every once and awhile I get a little road rage, maybe you flip somebody off, or honk at them, at somebody who’s not driving to my standard *chuckles*. And every once and awhile that person will be a crazy person, or even crazier than I, and follows me. I’m thinking, “But on your blinker dammit!”, and they’re thinking…… That’s a little scary!

The Possession Experiment will be released on December 6, 2016 on Digital HD, DVD, and On Demand

Come on, how awesome was that interview!? Talking with a man who has a cult-film following is any horror lover’s dream. I have mentioned my love of Rob Zombie movies in numerous posts, and Moseley is in most of those movies! So, if by now you haven’t given those a watch, do it now! And while you’re at it, pick up The Possession Experiment December 6th! This was a really fun possession film, and the director chose to put an interesting take on an often used theme. I like its creativity, and I especially loved the setting, and the old, plantation-style home the possession takes place in. I encourage everyone to give this film a watch, and enjoy Father Bill Moseley as well.

Happy Haunting!


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