December 3, 2023

Three Mirrors Creatures’s Flashes of Flesh – New Redband Trailer

A second, redband official trailer for Giuliano Tomassacci’s arthouse sci-fi/horror drama Three Mirrors Creatures’s Flashes of Flesh starring Michela Bruni has been released, along with an alternate, also brand new third teaser.

Three Mirrors Creature's Flashes of Flesh

“Once you see the flashes, flesh doesn’t matter anymore.”

Feature directorial debut for writer and cinematographer Giuliano Tomassacci (Report 51) – who previously directed the sci-fi short movie “Here We Go Again, Rubinot!”Three Mirrors Creature’s Flashes of Flesh is an experimental drama, with visceral horror and sci-fi resonances. Dominated by music and a dense black and white, it stars Michela Bruni as a ruthless and successful top-class manager who, in the aftermath of an emotional shock, becomes pervaded by a sensory spirit and undertakes a purifying – although grievous – voyage. Along with Bruni (who also contributed the script) the cast also features Samantha Abear, Claudio Losavio, Corinna Coroneo, Piervito Bonifacio, Federica Pocaterra, Giorgia Grillo, Fabio Gagliardi, Marina Lorè and Clarice Ching. The original score is by Stefano G. Falcone and production design by Cristiana Fasano. Giulia Stronati and Federica Salamone provided the special makeup effects.

Produced by Tomassacci through his Split-Vision Development and filmed between Lazio and Umbria – including the evocative locations of Montelovesco (Gubbio) and Cottanello (Rieti) among the protagonist’s ascetic halts – with the collaboration of Nocte Film and SDM Enterprise. The film is currently in the final stages of post-production.

Watch the new trailers:

Three Mirrors Creatures’ s Flashes of Flesh | Dangel/Danger Redeband Trailer

Three Mirrors Creatures’ s Flashes of Flesh | Starry_Pilgrim_Sylph Trailer:

For more information about Three Mirrors Creatures’ s Flashes of Flesh check out the following links:


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