November 30, 2023

Treasure Hunt Massacre

  • Treasure Hunt MassacreTitle: Treasure Hunt Massacre
  • IMDB#: 3850062
  • Theater Release:
  • VOD Release:
  • DVD Release:
  • Director: Joe Guinan
  • Cast: Tara Rice, Robert Miano, Joe Guinan, Gia Bay, Silvia Spross
  • Studio: A1uc
  • Facebook:
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  • Official Site:
  • Plot Summary: A college professor is given a treasure map by a student from the pirate days explaining buried gold treasure in the mountains of Abq, New Mexico. The professor gets permission from the college dean and with a group of students goes after the treasure, for the hunt of their life time.

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Frank Rittenhouser
Frank Rittenhouser
1 year ago

Felix Jerry Droz playing as the Professor was the best actor of them all . There’s no question he was the main lead in this movie and easily should replace, Tara Rice, Robert Miano, Joe Guinan, Gia Bay, Silvia Spross as the absolute best actor

6 days ago

You might of seen the previews because actually this movie was never released. The reason being was either a monetary issue or that from what i heard the Producer had ended the production for reasons that are unknown.

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