November 29, 2023

Trick or Treat? Robert Englund Announces Fear Clinic Open?

Did Robert Englund just tweet the opening day for Fear Clinic?Fear-Clinic_Poster_04-691x1024

When I first started writing for last year, I stumbled across the crowdfunding campaign for Fear Clinic.  Hell, I was immediately hooked by its hodge-podge of horror stars (spanning the Nightmare on Elm Street series, Friday the 13th series, and the Halloween series).  The concept was great too:  A doctor puts patients in a special chamber to face their fears.  Soon enough, the chamber starts to leak… (You can see all of the episodes of this web series on YouTube.  If you’re lazy, I assembled them HERE.)

Fast forward to today.

After a whirlwind shoot in Medina, Ohio, the film is in the can and has already had its world premier last week in LA.  I’m avoiding all reviews, but I see Sean at Back To The Movies already has his up.  Due to some cast changes, Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder dropped out of the project.  Robert Englund stayed on and was joined by an impressive cast including Corey Taylor (for more on the cast, see this UPDATE I did during the filming).  As I got to spend a few days on set as well, I managed to snap some pictures and get some inside scoops on the film.

Nice photobomb, Corey Taylor.
Nice photobomb, Corey Taylor.

Anchor Bay Entertainment snatched the film up during Sundance, and has slated it for an “early 2015” release.  The signs kept pointing to February, but there has been no official word yet.  I know the creators of this film are still holding out for a theatrical release, but if we can assume this tweet is correct, that would slate a DVD release for February 10 (or a theatrical release Friday the 13th….ooooh).

Anyways, stay tuned for the official word…


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