June 18, 2024

Virtual Reality: Changing the World of Horror

VR HorrorThe horror genre has changed a great deal over the last century. Everything is a lot scarier than it used to be in the past. However, even in the scariest forms, the screens used to act as a barrier.  You can always be safe in the knowledge that everything is happening within the confines of the TV frame.

The new wave of virtual reality games has, however, changed things. Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus etc. have now removed that border by taking action away from the screen and putting it into your head.

The horror begins with the VR gear

To use VR, you need to wear a mask and noise-cancelling headphones.  This is an intimidating and isolating experience for some people as it gives the feeling of being trapped.  However, this feeling of entrapment is vital to the delivery of the VR experience.  Social gaming sites, including bingo sites that give special terms for beginners like no deposit, are working towards adoption of the technology, but the horror genre developers are already well ahead.

New textures of fear

Virtual reality goes well beyond simply bringing the screen very close to your face. It allows the introduction of a new form of fear by digging into your spatial awareness.  With some of the games such as Dreadhalls, you will find monsters following you, instead of just being confined to the screen. You will also find obscure diabolical shapes at the edge of your peripheral vision and these vanish as soon as you turn to have a look.  This feeling of being stalked and that you are not alone in the room gives a new feeling.

You can’t brave it through

Contrary to opinion in some quarters, you simply can’t man-up in the face of virtual reality horror.  With the human nervous system, it is not possible to know what qualifies as real terror or virtual terror.  This is why you will find babies responding to fear cues that they don’t understand verbally.  The fact that fear, is an integral part of our DNA makes it easy for your brain to be tricked into being scared.  You should be ready therefore to jump out of chairs or scream like everyone else when you get your first VR horror experience regardless of your “mental strength”.

For horror lovers, the good news is that there is always the temptation to close your eyes when viewing on TV but with VR, closing your eyes will lead you face to face with a monster or head first with a wall. The era of true horror is well and truly with us!


I've been a fan of horror and slasher movies for as long as I can remember. I consider the original Halloween to be the best horror movie of all time and my guilty pleasure horror flick would be The Exorcist III. You can find me on Twitter at @406Northlane or TikTok @406Northlane where I'm sure I'll offend you at least once a day.

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