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VOODOO (2017)

Tom Costabile delivers an unsettling trip to Voodoo Hell in VOODOO 

What starts out as a carefree visit to California, ends in a permanent vacation to Hell.

I recently was able to view the upcoming film VOODOO, directed by Tom Costabile, and starring Samantha Stewart, Dominic Matteucci, Ruth Reynolds, Daniel Kozul, Ron Jeremy, and Lavelle Roby. I was presently surprised by this film, and found myself to be unsettled by some very odd and creepy scenes.

The movie begins with a Voodoo sacrifice, in which we watch a woman maniacally chant a ritualistic spell. We are left wondering what the ritual will bring us later on. Next we meet Dani, from New Orleans, who is visiting her cousin in LA. She is recording it on her new camera, a gift from her father. We learn that Dani is going through some tough times at home, recently leaving a relationship in which she found out she was the “other woman”. The wife so happens to be a “voodoo woman” and casts a curse onto Dani for destroying her home life. We also learn that Dani has also recently lost her mother, and is the victim of some abuse by her uncle, the father of the cousin she is visiting. After a few carefree days out in LA, we begin to see that Dani’s NOLA past hasn’t remained there, and in fact, has followed her straight to The City of Angels. What happens next is an excruciating trip to Voodoo Hell, and we are left to see if Dani can make it out alive. Voodoo Still

I have to say that this movie was one that I really loved. At first I was a bit hesitant, as it seemed the movie may take a silly direction. As soon as I saw Ron Jeremy I thought, “wait a minute. . .”. But I soon came to realize that is what the director was going for, because just as soon as I let my guard down, is when all the freaky shit started happening. I think the music was great, as well as the visuals of LA and “hell”. I also was impressed by the acting of everyone in the movie. I encourage everyone to go see this movie in a theater near you. I will list all the details below!

Voodoo is showing in theaters at the below select locations beginning February 24th!

New Orleans
Washington D.C.

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