May 26, 2024

WeevilReads: Come Out Tonight (1999) by Richard Laymon

TheWeevilDead reads a book, is annoyed, intrigued, and disgusted with herself for continuing to read it, feels proud for finishing it in a day.

WARNING: This novel is graphic, detailed, obscene, and perverse…in other words, you should totally read it!


rlcotThe Review:

One of the latest novels I read deserves a review, and I am speaking of Richard Laymon’s 1999 novel, Come Out Tonight. This book had a lot of absolutely ridiculous moments, moments where you want to scream, “What in the eff are you thinking??” Some of the characters make a lot of dumb decisions, well not some, let’s go with MOST. This book is worth a read in my opinion. It was quick, detailed, and best, deranged. That being said, the book is not for the faint of heart. A few of the characters are vile, and the storyline is pretty odd. I felt uncomfortable reading it…but then again, that’s why I read it!


My Synopsis:

It is a scorcher outside, and Duane and Sherry are getting hot and heavy…but alas, no condoms! Duane goes out to buy some, but doesn’t come back. Sherry goes to look for him when she hears a weird noise, and runs into Toby Bones, a former student of hers. Toby is a creepoid from the start, and he clearly has a weird thing for Sherry. Toby then drives Sherry around looking for Duane, and we get the feeling he’s up to no good, and he’s horny (which is a vibe throughout this whole book).

One thing leads to another, and before you know it Sherry is lying along the side of a cliff, presumably dead (yes, that escalated quickly). Toby is at home terrorizing his brother, and we learn, not only is he obsessed with Sherry, he’s also obsessed with her sister! Eventually two teenagers find Sherry, and help her devise a plan to get back at Toby.

At this point, most would say, “Let’s call the cops!” But this is not a rational book, and this is only the halfway point of the story. The boys bring Sherry in, who is beaten to a pulp, naked, raped, and can barely speak. The boys, aroused, clean Sherry up, and dress her, NOT in a sweatshirt and comfortable short, but in a BIKINI!!! This leads to that and the boys and Sherry are sippin on some drank, and chit-chatting. So while Sherry boozes it up with two fourteen year olds, whilst half-naked, Toby is terrorizing, and I mean TERRORIZING many people, including Sherry’s sister and her friend, who at one point, enjoys being raped….yeah, no. Eventually Sherry and these drunk teens venture out to find Toby and BRING HIM TO JUSTICE! You know, instead of being rational and letting the Cops take care of it?


I will leave the synopsis here….CLIFFHANGER ACTION!

Happy Reading,


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