April 19, 2024

‘What the Waters Left Behind: Scars’ TRAILER

What the Waters Left Behind: Scars directed by Nicolás Onetti Official Trailer: World Premiere at Cannes 

What the Waters Left Behind Scars 1

Rome-based Minerva Pictures and New Zealander Black Mandala Films present the official trailer of the horror slasher movie “WHAT THE WATERS LEFT BEHIND: SCARS”, directed by Nicolás Onetti (“THE 100 CANDLES GAME”, “A NIGHT OF HORROR: NIGHTMARE RADIO”, “ABRAKADABRA”, “WHAT THE WATERS LEFT BEHIND”).

The trailer of the film had its world premiere at Marche du Film (Festival de Cannes) on May 20th, during the Blood Window Showcase.

Pic is a sequel to “What the Waters Left Behind,” which was co-directed by Nicolás and Luciano Onetti and won them the best promising directors award in 2017 at Spain’s Sitges fest, Europe’s top genre event. A Netflix sale followed.

This sequel project was among official selections at the Sitges Coming Soon platform and the Blood Window Market at Ventana Sur in Buenos Aires.

Shooting of “What the Waters Left Behind: Scars” took place in the atmospheric village of Epecuén, Argentina, the tourist resort near Buenos Aires that sat underwater for 25 years after a dam broke in 1985. The waters then receded several years ago and the ruins of Epecuén emerged exposing a bleak and deserted landscape. The residents never returned.

Plot turns on an Anglo-American indie rock band that winds up stranded in Epecuén, where their internal conflicts and the bad luck of their tour quickly lose importance before the hell that awaits them.

Directed by: Nicolás Onetti
Producer Companies: Minerva Pictures and Black Mandala Films
Cast: Agustín Olcese, Clara Kovacic, Magui Bravi, Maria Eugenia Rigon, Juan Pablo Bishel, Matías Desiderio, Germán Baudino, Chucho Fernández, Paula Brasca, with Mario Alarcón and David Michigan
Screenplay: Camilo Zaffora
Director of Photography: Luciano Montes de Oca
Art Director: Paola Tolosa
Costume Designer: Taz Pereyra
Make-up Artist: Fer Curci
Hair Stylist: Sabrina Toledo
Special Effects Artist: Yanel Castellano
VFX Designer: Manuel Urbaneck
Music by: Luciano Onetti
Sound Director: German Suracce and Ezequiel Brodsky
Edited by: Carlos Goitia and Ludovico Opipari
Executive Producer: Eduardo Camauer
Associate Producers: Martín Gerding and Luciano Onetti
Producers: Monica Ciarli, Michael Kraetzer, Carlos Goitia and Nicolás Onetti


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