April 19, 2024

Witching & Bitching – Spanish Horror / Comedy

Witching & BitchingSo we’ve all seen those cheesy movie covers with just as bad accompanying titles right? Well, the movie Witching and Bitching directed by Álex de la Iglesia and written by Jorge Guerricaechevarría & Álex de la Iglesia just screams cheesy, dumb not worth my time movie.

Let me be the one of many that will tell you…this is so NOT the case! Witching and Bitching is imaginative, funny (a bit gross) with a few moments of “sexy”… and even includes action! This film will be enjoyed by not just the horror fans, but also anyone looking for comedy and action. The movie is Spanish subtitled, but the dialogue was smooth easy enough to follow that at one point I found myself not even noticing.

Right away Álex de la Iglesia has us start off with a well-planned robbery that ends up becoming one of those scattered… run as fast as you can… botched robberies. Oh, and the best part? One of the robbers has his young boy geared up with machine guns and “mounted” on his shoulders like a portable howitzer who seems to have no problem shooting while on his dad’s shoulders.

Witching & Bitching EnglishAs the small group of men and this adorable kid are escaping they arrive in a creepy town occupied by creepy people. Now enters the witches and some really bitter bitches. Right away these guys know that these town’s people are exactly how they seem…WEIRD. We all know the story though don’t we? Once a spell has been cast upon you there isn’t a place you can hide. Not only will the spell haunt, but it will eventually devour you. This magnificently hilarious group of witches has a vendetta that has been carried on for generations and no group of male thieves will stop their plan!

I loved this movie from the start. As mentioned above, the subtitles flowed smoothly making the film easy to enjoy. The plot featured a great balance of action, comedy, and horror… enough to entertain almost anyone. How can you not laugh at the title as well?

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9 years ago

It isn’t Spanish subtitled, spoken language is Spanish. English subtitled would be better explained

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