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Toxic Tutu Now Available Worldwide on DVD and VOD

Toxic Tutu (2017)

Toxic Tutu featuring Mark Torgl, Lloyd Kaufman, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Mel Novak and more is now available worldwide on DVD and VOD Toxic Tutu is now available world wide on DVD at many outlets online such as Walmart, FYE, Target, Barnes and noble, Amazon, chemical burn entertainment and more! …

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Dark Prism (2015)

Dark Prism - Internet Poster 2

Dark Prism may just be the most fun I’ve ever had clawing my eyes out in stark raving madness. The director, Dylan Mars Greenberg, acts as both a master of madness and curator for experiences you won’t find elsewhere. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a true “experience” …

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Dylan Greenberg’s ‘Wakers’ Hits DVD & VOD

Wakers (2014)

17 Year Old’s Independently Produced Art Horror film Wakers hits DVD & Prime At 17 years old Dylan Greenberg directed and produced her own feature film, Wakers. The film was shot on location in New York City and includes appearances by Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman as well as Blondie’s Matt Katz-Bohen. Howard …

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Killer Rack is Wildly Entertaining

Killer Rack

As night number one wrapped up at the Eerie Horror Festival, I was swept away in the nostalgia as I talked about horror movies of the past.  House of the Dead was just awful…but it’s DVD was available for cheap.  The Exorcist III is a greatly under-appreciated classic.  After a few …

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Septic Man Is Not As Crappy As It Sounds

Septic Man

Lloyd Kaufman and Troma completely lied. At least, that was all I could think about during the film Septic Man. Actually, I had a lot of strange thoughts that went through my head.  I sat there thinking about how the mutants wander around Old New York in Futurama.  I had this strange inkling …

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The Toxic Avenger Gets 30th Anniversary Blu-ray

Toxic Avenger 30th

Troma has announced it will be giving everyone’s favorite, mutated janitor: The Toxic Avenger, the Blu-ray treatment. No street date has been announced, but they have released some of the special features: *Special introduction by Troma honcho Lloyd Kaufman *New commentary track with Lloyd Kaufman *Additional commentary track with stars …

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