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Phoenix Forgotten (2017) Trailer Released

New trailer released for Phoenix Forgotten (2017), produced by Ridley Scott, makes us ponder the truth about The Phoenix Lights. Many of us have often wondered about the truth about what really happened out there in Phoenix in March, 1997. One of the most common UFO sightings took place in the …

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We’ll See New Aliens in Prometheus Sequel

Deacon Alien Prometheus

Back in October Noomi Rapace, who plays Elizabeth Shaw in Prometheus, exclaimed that God or the Devil will appear in Ridley Scott’s planned sequel. Scott refutes this a bit in a new interview with The Austrailian. In it, he explains that the script, which is “written (and)…really good,” is “fresh” and “getting …

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Weekly Toy Roundup 5/16/14

Damnit! I don’t make enough money to keep up with all these wonderful toys! We’ve got 4 incredible toy announcements this week, and that’s not even counting Funko finally rolling out the second edition of the horror pop figures! We’ve got an evil super hero, a horror icon, something for …

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Horror Art Legend HR Giger Dies At Age 74

The horror community took another big hit this week as the renowned Swiss artist H.R. Giger died on Monday May 12, at the age of 74, as a result of injuries sustained in a fall. Giger, who passed away in a Zurich hospital, was most famous for the alien monster he created …

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Alien Isolation Gets Release Date

Sega has announced a release date for what hopefully make up for the horrible turds released both in Alien video games and the Alien franchise… Alien: Isolation. Read on to find out when you’ll be able to pick it up! 

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