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Killer Babes and the Frightening Film Fiasco In Production

Killer Babes

Actor Jimmy Dempster (Box, Devious Maids, One Night of Fear, Swamp Murders) starts production on the new Slasher film Killer Babes and the Frightening Film Fiasco.  Directed by Brett Mullen (Bombshell Bloodbath, Fantasmagoria, Belladonna), Killer Babes is a throwback to the slasher films of the 70s and 80s. Featuring an …

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‘Valley of the Rats’ Debuts on Blu-ray March 27th

Valley of the Rats Tristan Risk Juliette Still

Valley of the Rats – A New Odyssey of Violence and Eroticism Vancouver, British Columbia (Monday, March 26th): Vince D’Amato’s (Vampires vs. Zombies) Giallo styled thriller, Valley of the Rats, is set for a late March release. There will be at least three versions of the film, all released on Blu-ray. …

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First Brutal Look At Jessica Cameron’s MANIA


Back in September of 2014, we brought you the news that Jessica Cameron had announced her newest project: MANIA.  It is billed as a “fucked up lesbian love story” where two lovers are forced to flee cross-country after a brutal murder changes their lives forever. We followed that up with the …

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First Teaser Trailer For ‘Save Yourself’

Save Yourself

We received this announcement from Jessica Cameron over the weekend and wanted to pass it along to the ScareTissue faithful! FIRST TEASER TRAILER OF CANADIAN FEMALE DRIVEN HORROR, SAVE YOURSELF In honor of “Women In Horror Month,” the Canadian, female-driven horror/thriller SAVE YOURSELF is releasing its official Teaser Trailer and first stills …

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ABCs of Death 2

ABCs Of Death 2

Title: ABCs of Death 2 IMDB#: 2926810 Theater Release: VOD Release: DVD Release: 2.3.2015 Director: Rodney Ascher, Julian Barratt, Robert Boocheck, Alejandro Brugués, Kristina Buozyte, Alexandre Bustillo, Larry Fessenden, Julian Gilbey, Jim Hosking, Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen, E.L. Katz, Aharon Keshales, Steven Kostanski, Marvin Kren, Juan Martínez Moreno, Erik Matti, Julien Maury, Robert Morgan, Chris …

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The First NSFW Look At Jessica Cameron’s MANIA

First Images Of MANIA

The first images from Jessica Cameron’s 2nd step behind the camera MANIA are hitting the web and ScareTissue has them! We got a note from Jessica recently and wanted to share it with our readers along with a press release and a few very NSFW images from the film. In Jessica’s …

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Carlo Mendez Joins Desolation: First Stills Released


One of the most interesting concepts I’ve run across lately is Jessica Cameron and Jonathan Higgin’s double movie feature and documentary Kill The PA.  Principle filming began earlier this month as Cameron is surrounding herself with indie elites like Tristan Risk, Ryan M. Andrews, and many more.  The group will be traveling cross country while filming …

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MANIA Picking Up Steam – And Some Familiar Faces

MANIA poster Risk - Church

Last month, we announced Jessica Cameron and  Jonathan Scott Higgins’s newest project where they’re teaming up for a triple feature horror extravaganza.  And we’re back today with more news on the MANIA front. MEM FERDA, TRISTAN RISK, & ELLIE CHURCH JOIN MANIA Jessica Cameron’s Cross-Country Horror Project Adds Some Familiar …

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