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New ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Book Coming Soon

Blake Best & Mick Strawn

I’m thrilled to report some exciting news for A Nightmare On Elm Street fans this evening. There is a new Nightmare book in production. It’s being co-written by Blake Best and Mick Strawn, who was production designer on Nightmares 3-5. The book is called “Behind the Screams: A Nightmare on …

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IT – Let’s Talk About The Novel

So let me get this out of the way, I’m a BIG reader. I always have at least one book going on, maybe a few magazines, etc. I read quickly, and I enjoy it. Stephen King’s IT originally came out in 1986, and during my senior year of high school …

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TheWeevilReads: Pet Sematary

Sometimes the book is better. . . Every summer I try to read books that go together. Sometimes I go by series, author, theme, or just tackle two really big books. This summer I decided, it’s Stephen King. I have read many of his short story collections including Nightmares and Dreamscapes and Everything’s …

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Hamlet’s Ophelia Returns for Bloody Vengeance

Ophelia's Revenge

Ophelia’s Revenge, a horror comic of Shakespearean proportions, on Kickstarter now Baltimore, MD, September 1, 2016: Writer, James McGee, and Red Stylo Media have launched a Kickstarter to fund a new horror one-shot, inspired by Shakespeare’s tragic heroine, Ophelia’s Revenge. kck.st/2byNHF9 Jilted by her summer fling and fellow Hamlet player, Jean …

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WeevilReads: Come Out Tonight (1999) by Richard Laymon

Richard Laymon - Come Out Tonight

TheWeevilDead reads a book, is annoyed, intrigued, and disgusted with herself for continuing to read it, feels proud for finishing it in a day. WARNING: This novel is graphic, detailed, obscene, and perverse…in other words, you should totally read it!   The Review: One of the latest novels I read …

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Kanye West: Rapper, Fashion Designer…Reanimator

He’s a motha****ing monster! Love him or hate him, Yeezy is bringing back the dead in Josh Chaplinsky’s novel, Kanye West- Reanimator (2015). Written in the Lovcraftian style many horror fans can appreciate, Kanye is our “Herbert West” character, bringing back to life the state of hip-hop. How you may …

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Film FestEvil Brings 90s Slasher Film To Print

Film FestEvil

New Novel Film FestEvil Brings a 90s Slasher Film Into Book Form on July 21st LOS ANGELES, CA: Indie author and Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival program chairman Terry Cronin has teamed up with indie horror filmmaker and Abyssmal Entertainment owner Steven Shea to create the new frightfully fun horror novel …

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Inheritance: The Binding of Three Coming April 15th

Inheritance The Binding of Three

Inheritance: The Binding of Three Unveils the Truth Behind One Family’s History of Terror Horror Graphic Novel Available Nationwide April 15 Los Angeles, CA — Creator James D. Schumacher III has unleashed Volume I of Inheritance: The Binding of Three. Working with graphic artist and co-creator James Burton, Schumacher has …

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Michael Keaton Star In ‘American Assassin’

Michael Keaton

Got some exciting news from our friend at CBS News & Lionsgate that we wanted to pass along. Michael Keaton To Play Stan Hurley In American Assassin LOS ANGELES & SANTA MONICA, CA, March 9, 2016 – CBS Films and Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF) announced that Academy Award®-nominee Michael Keaton (Birdman, Spotlight) …

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