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Fuzz on the Lens: From Fan Film To Indie Film

Fuzz on the Lens is proud to present guest contributor Steven Della Salla from Fuzz on the Lens Productions.  I met Steven and Mike on the set of Fear Clinic earlier this month, and was very impressed with their movie Halloween Awakening.  Fuzz on the Lens Productions is a self sustaining production company out of …

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The Top 10 Horror Films Of Director Thomas L. Phillips

Thomas L Phillips

Scaretissue is proud to present another guest contributor, Thomas L. Phillips.  Thomas is a writer, director & producer of such films as Quite A Conundrum, Where I Begin and Special Dead.  I first learned of Thomas when I watched and reviewed Quite A Conundrum and was absolutely blown away by …

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Writer / Producer Kevin Sommerfield’s Top 10 Horror Movies

Kevin Sommerfield

Scaretissue is proud to present another guest contributor, Kevin Sommerfield from Slasher Studios.  Slasher Studios is responsible for such short films as Teddy, Popularity Killer, and Blood Brothers.  Their first full length feature, Don’t Go To The Reunion, is now available on DVD after winning the Audience Choice Award at Killer Film Festival.  The film tells …

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Director Chris R. Notarile’s All Time Top 10 Horror Films

Chris R. Notarile

Scaretissue is thrilled to welcome write and director Chris R. Notarile today.  Chris is the man behind Blinky Productions which has produced brilliant short films including Krueger: A Tale From Elm Street and Krueger: Another Tale From Elm Street.  Chris will be debuting his newest Krueger creation early in 2014 – …

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Director Alessandro Pulisci’s Top 10 Horror Movies

Alessandro Pulisci is (again) proud to present our guest today, Alessandro Pulisci.  Alessandro Pulisci is a senior at San Francisco State University Cinema Department, and is currently working on turning his script for Better the Devil into a film.  Alessandro began Ugly Owl Films to showcase his material, and his credits include an entry into the ABC’s …

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Actor / Former WWE Star Chris Hahn’s Top 10 Horror Movies

Chris Hann Profile

Scaretissue is honored to welcome actor Chris Hahn today.  Chris is a former WWF/WWE wrestler (Johnny Paradise) with over 21 years of experience in the business.  Recently, he has starred as Gunnar Wolfgang Bunyan (or Paul Bunyan) in Syfy’s Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan.  Chris was asked to wear …

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Director James Cullen Bressack’s Top 10 Horror Movies

James Cullen Bressack

ScareTissue is proud to present a special guest contributor today, James Cullen Bressack  (James Cullen Bressack IMDB). James directed his first film (My Pure Joy) at the ripe old age of 18, and released 3 movies in October 2013 alone (To Jennifer, Hate Crime, and 13/13/13).  James’ father is a 3 time …

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Chewie Ranks The All Time Top 10 Horror Films

Mount Rushmore Of Horror

I’ve started this post on multiple occasions now.  When you’re a horror geek, sitting down to write a post like this where you’re ranking greatness is sort of like choosing which of your kids you like the best.  I’ve gone on record multiple times saying that for me, even a …

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Which Slasher Do YOU Want To Face?

Don’t go in there! If that were me… Dumbass. One of the greatest things about a horror movie is placing yourself in the same situations as the protagonists in it. I love it when people tell me there zombie survival plan because it only includes Romero zombies (destroy the brain). …

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