December 2, 2023

Parts Unknown – Pro Wrestling Meets Gory Horror

Parts UnknownIf you know anything about me you know I’m a big fan of horror (duh). If horror is my first love, then my second is clearly professional wrestling. That being said, when I received the following note from writer & director Richard Chandler yesterday I couldn’t have been more excited.

Parts Unknown – “All beauty must die.”

Professional wrestling meets gory horror. 

Richard Chandler’s newest horror film, Parts Unknown, follows the Von Strasser Family, a deviant group of washed up wrestlers, that have pulverized their bodies in order to entertain the fans, even if the fans have turned their backs on their careers long ago. Seeking a new form of fame and bloodlust, the Von Strasser’s are able to connect with a “creature of non-earthy creation” to construct a unique form of destruction that aids in planting the seeds of a far more twisted plot.

Chandler hopes to have the film released by 2018 and is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter, after the success of his most recent release, Witch Hunt. Parts Unknown is a very surreal atmospheric film reminiscent of old school Euro-horror with practical effects and an all retro-wave/synth soundtrack.

It is said that the newest movie will take place 15 years after Witch Hunt, but doesn’t feature the same storyline in any real way. There is word the film will contain cameos from several unknown professional wrestlers.

The film stars William DeCoff, Alexandra Cipolla, Sarah Michelle, with Alexander Hauck and special appearance by Melantha Blackthorne.

Boston Film Family has released Gilgamesh, the Lilith Trilogy, Boston Massacre, Scrooge in the Hood and more.

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