June 13, 2024

Space Rippers Teaser Trailer – Seeding Soon

Space Rippers Box

Space Rippers – Spacesploitation Slasher Releases Teaser Trailer Just as Weird as Its Premise

Calgary, AB – June 4, 2015 – CALGARY – California Balloon Films, the team behind the free online feature films Truth and Android Night Punch, have just released an old-school practical effects-heavy teaser trailer for their upcoming film SPACE RIPPERS, a sexy, gore-drenched, throwback sci-fi-horror-comedy.

Space Rippers tackles the controversial topic of media piracy, using the sci-fi/horror subgenre to approach the complicated questions of the Internet of today. And, of course, it boasts all the bodacious space babes, slobbering mutants, and zero-gravity decapitations that genre fans expect – created with miniatures, stop motion, prosthetics, and wire-work.

Space Rippers Synopsis

For decades, the Space Rippers have orbited Earth, uploading torrents from the last place the law can’t reach. But when public sentiment turns against the amateur astronauts, they risk ripping a legendary cursed DVD, only to release an Anti-Piracy Witch packing malevolent magic and a hunger for Homo Sapiens. Now the Rippers are in a no-holds-barred battle not for Earth’s entertainment…but for its survival.

The film is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign, the largest perk of which is the chance to exclusively own a two-hour director’s cut of the team’s feature Truth, which includes over 20 minutes of new footage and a previously unreleased ending. The campaign strongly hints that the right thing to do with the cut is to share it by torrent.

Chris and J.S.’ previous feature films continue to be viewable free online at any time.

Check out the IndieGoGo campaign at www.indiegogo.com/projects/space-rippers#/story and tell em ScareTissue sent you!

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