May 26, 2024

Supernatural – Scary Good TV

SupernaturalSupernatural is a TV show that airs on CW (formerly WB) and has run for 9 seasons – and has been renewed for a tenth. Maybe you’re thinking that a serious horror fan wouldn’t watch a TV show with pretty boys – especially if it’s on CW.

Well, my response to that would be, “You’re missing out.”

Supernatural, which first aired in 2005, follows the Winchesters – Sam and Dean (played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles respectively) – as they involve themselves in what is often referred to as the family business – hunting.

Hunting what, you ask? Demons, ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. Throw in a werewolf, vampire, and a Leviathan every so often, and you get the idea. If you can name it, the Winchester boys have probably faced it at some point.

SupernaturalWith each season you get a “Big Bad” as it’s referred to. In season one it was the yellow-eyed demon, Azazel. In another season it was a bunch of creepy, foul things called Leviathans – or Chompers. In yet another season it was Lucifer himself. And recently, they’ve been faced with a powerful foe, Abaddon.

Aside from the primary target of the season, each season gives us a number of standalone episodes – or Monster of the Week as we like to call them. Sometimes the Winchester brothers and their sidekicks explore myths that we all grew up with – Bloody Mary, anyone? Wendigos? Hook Man? Other times, it’s just a random demon with a bad attitude.

The real draw here are the relationships – between the two brothers, with their father (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the memory of their mother, and three of my favorite characters – Bobby Singer (played by the so-very-amazing Jim Beaver), Castiel (the often confused angel, played by Misha Collins), and Crowley (the King of Hell, played with sparkling wit by Mark Sheppard).  There’s a grittiness that you don’t often see in a series like this – and by this I mean a series with two such pretty boys at the helm. There’s a darkness that’s pervasive throughout the series. And because creator, Eric Kripke, has developed such a foreboding universe for the Winchesters to reside in, the moments of levity are a wonderfully welcome addition. And let’s not forget the soundtrack… !

SupernaturalAm I a fangirl? I don’t know. I don’t read Supernatural comic books or attend conventions (though I would have been all over the one they just had near DC if Jim Beaver was there, let me tell you!). OK, I have a few T-shirts, and I lust shamefully after the boys’ car (a 1967 Chevy Impala), but I wouldn’t call myself a fangirl.

And yet, I haven’t missed an episode. This world of horror that we all love is portrayed admirably here, and there’s a little something for everyone – my husband and all of our five boys watch it with me. Sure, sometimes they give us an episode that we have to shrug off. Sometimes, I laugh. Sometimes I get annoyed at the characters on the screen. And sometimes I cry. But… I always come back.

4 1/2 jet-black Impalas out of five.



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