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Favorite Horror Films From 1983

The House On Sorority Row

I’m back again today with another in my “best of” series. Today’s list comes from 1983. You can check out previous lists below: Top 5 Horror Films From 1982 Top 5 Horror Films From 1981 Top 5 Horror Films From 1980 I’m loving putting these lists together and have gotten …

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Cujo (1983) – A Rabid Fan’s Review

I put this movie on my top ten and then figured I better watch it again and review. (Fine, I just wanted an excuse to watch it again!) Sitting down, I was worried that it wouldn’t stand up. It’s probably been about ten years since I’d seen the movie, and …

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Xina’s Top Ten Horror Films

Dog Soldiers (2002)

I’m really just a girl, sitting in front of her TV, staring at her Netflix queue in search of something scary to watch. Hi. My name is Xina. No, not the Warrior Princess. She spells her name Xena anyway. It’s a play off my first name, Christina, and I’m a …

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