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The Weevil Dead’s Top 5 Horror Movie Soundtracks

Aside from being a horror movie fan (understatement), I am obsessed with music. I have said in my Top Ten Horror Films that film score is something that really influences me, as it can make or break the movie easily. Along with a thematic score, I also take into consideration …

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KARDIAC Signs With FANGORIA Music New Release!


Back in March we brought you news of underground New York hip-hop artist KARDIAC. We’re back again with some another KARDIAC update. KARDIAC has recently signed with FANGORIA Music and released his newest album In The Peripheral. The first official music video from the album is for a track called “The …

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KARDIAC – Hip-Hop Meets Horror

KARDIAC Artist Pic

Underground New York hip-hop artist KARDIAC wears a lot of hats… He does all of his own artwork and music production, which includes beat production, songwriting, mixing, and mastering.  And don’t forget video production, video editing, special effects, film scoring… and horror. He has been releasing music and beat production since …

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GWAR Unveils New Scumdogs, and North American Tour

Bow down peasants! We have new overlords, and they demand your complete obedience! The Scumdogs of the Universe, known lovingly here on planet Earth as GWAR, have announced that their reign of terror will not cease with the loss of leader Oderus Urungus, who passed earlier this year. Guitarist BalSac …

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Dave Grohl Channels Carrie For Ice Bucket Challenge


By now we’ve all seen this ridiculous ice bucket challenge to raise money for ALS. Whether you’ve done the challenge, or are on the “don’t waste water” side of things, the “challenge” has been ahuge success and given us some great videos, like this new one from Foo Fighters’ Dave …

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Help Crowd Source Rob Zombie’s “31”

Musician-turned-director Rob Zombie has official announced his Halloween-themed horror 31, which turns out to be a crowd-sourced effort. I’d pay him $1000 to NOT put his wife in this movie. The film revolves around five people kidnapped in the days leading up to Halloween. As with all crowd-sourced projects, there …

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