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All The Creatures Were Stirring (2018)

All The Creatures Were Stirring (2018) Starring Constance Wu, Amanda Fuller, Jonathan Kite, and Ashley Clements Well hello there, long time no see. Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas, and welcome to the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the season for giving, or here at ScareTissue, it’s the season for screaming. Yes, us horror fanatics are at it all year, even during the holidays. What better way to mix holiday cheer and dread with the new film “All The Creatures Were Stirring” written and directed by Rebekah & David Ian McKendry.Read More

Zak Bagans’ Demon House (2018)

Zak Bagans’ film “Demon House” is a combination of intense and unnerving This feature film by paranormal investigator and host of Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures”, Zak Bagans, proved to be a culmination of hard work, and a dose of madness. A friend and I settled in to watch this documentary of the well known house in Gary, Indiana, which is said to be a “portal to hell”, and a “house of 200 demons”. The warning at the beginning lets the viewer know that the entities in this house are saidRead More

Midnighters (2018)

Midnighters is a New Year’s Eve Nightmare! I recently had the opportunity to watch “Midnighters”, a film about a couple in a tense relationship, where things get even more. . . complicated.  I really enjoyed Midnighters because it was a great combination of suspense, dread, and me being very tense and nervous the whole time. The premise of the film is that a couple driving home from a New Year’s Eve party (drunk), hit a person, and further chaos ensues. This movie was filmed really well, with a skilled smallRead More

“Agatha” Picked Up by Crypt TV

Agatha Poster

Short Film “Agatha” Now Featured on Crypt TV John Marchioni & Timothy Vandenberg’s horror short is now being shown by Crpyt TV! I have been a big fan of this little film, as it is so expertly done. Titled “The Top of the Stairs: Agatha”, it is sure to thrill and chill you. I like how it is a film that takes place in an era that is so back in time, which is something we rarely see. The short is getting great reactions and a lot of praise. TheRead More

The Houses October Built 2 Review

The Houses October Built 2

The Houses October Built 2 hits the road again . . . but is it for the final time? I settled in to watch The Houses October Built 2 with none other than my friend who loves haunted houses as much as me. We ended up having a blast watching this, and wishing we could go to these haunts ourselves! The Houses October Built 2 begins where the first film leaves off, with Brandy in a scary situation and The Blue Skeleton getting away with their torture. The next Halloween weRead More

Robert Morgan's Short Creation is Purrfect

‘The Cat With Hands’ Short Film

Last night as I slumbered I had a strange dream . . . So begins the short film by Robert Morgan (creator of cult YouTube hit, Bobby Yeah). I stumbled upon this short film a while ago, and it is one that is a go-to for me when I feel like freaking out my friends. It is so short but oh so creepy. It begins with a older man telling a young man a scary story, that escalates quickly. I should caution you that this short film will probably induceRead More

“Sweet Dreams” 2016 Horror Short

Jake Unsworth’s “Sweet Dreams” Horror Short is a 1 Minute Treat I absolutely love horror shorts for a few reasons! You often find the director fitting in chilling effects, quality production, and great detail, all within such a small time-frame. Jake Unsworth directed and starred in this short film, Sweet Dreams, which lays out the classic tale of a parent tucking their child in for the night, only to find their actual child hidden somewhere in the room. The child will then usually whisper “there’s something in my bed”, and it’sRead More

Sometimes The Book Is Better

TheWeevilReads: Pet Sematary

Sometimes the book is better. . . Every summer I try to read books that go together. Sometimes I go by series, author, theme, or just tackle two really big books. This summer I decided, it’s Stephen King. I have read many of his short story collections including Nightmares and Dreamscapes and Everything’s Eventual, and previous novels The Shining and Doctor Sleep. But when I got to thinking, I realized that there were so many of his novels I haven’t read. So I began with IT, due to all of the buzz around the new film comingRead More

The Houses October Built Sequel is Coming to Haunt You Soon!

The Houses October Built 2 is Coming Soon to Theaters and VOD! For many horror film fans, one of our favorite past-times occurs during the Halloween season when we are able to visit our local haunted attractions. In the film The Houses October Built we watch a group of friends try to discover the craziest “backwoods” haunt that they can find. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, as I watched with a friend who is a horror movie fanatic like myself. We began by watching the movie and saying, “This would be anRead More

Phoenix Forgotten (2017) Trailer Released

New trailer released for Phoenix Forgotten (2017), produced by Ridley Scott, makes us ponder the truth about The Phoenix Lights. Many of us have often wondered about the truth about what really happened out there in Phoenix in March, 1997. One of the most common UFO sightings took place in the night sky, and was witnessed by thousands of people. Today we know of this occurrence as “The Phoenix Lights”.  Now in a new film on this very subject, we witness a story in which the “truth” about that event mayRead More