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Pinhead To Be Unleashed on Television Audiences!


Roy Lee & Dan Farah Board TV Adaptation of Classic Hellraiser Horror Franchise Producers Roy Lee (IT, The Exorcist, Bates Motel, The Grudge, The Ring) and Dan Farah (Ready Player One) have joined forces with producers/rights holders Lawrence Kuppin, David Salzman and Eric Gardner, to produce an original series based …

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Scream: The TV Series Hits DVD 5/10/16

Scream TV Series Season 1

“…Ridiculous, meme-obsessed, self-mocking, and fun…” ~ Lenika Cruz, The Atlantic “Waiting for a serial killer to strike has never been more fun” ~ Deborah Day, The Wrap That’s how MTV’s take on the Scream television adaptation was talked about.  Well, today, Anchor Bay Entertainment is announcing the series release on DVD May 10th.  The full …

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