December 2, 2023

Bloody Mary: Possession (2016)

Bloody Mary PossessionBack in October of 2015 I reviewed a film called Angelic Wolves that was shot and edited completely on an iPhone 4s. The folks behind Angelic Wolves are back with their next effort titled Bloody Mary: Possession. Just as with Wolves, Bloody Mary was shot, edited, and scored all on an iPhone 6! Per the director, “It is intended to be another horror-comedy hybrid (sort of similar to the “Sharknado” genre, “Scary Movie” franchise, etc.).”

I’m not going to bother too much with a plot summary for a film that’s just over 22 minutes in length. It’s only $1.99 to watch on Amazon and I’d suggest you do even if it’s just to see just how much can be done with a mobile device these days.

Right off the bat we’re introduced to the two person cast: Mike (Cam Holmes) and Sam (Megan Lynn Iosue) are in a long term relationship. Over the next 20 minutes we’re shown a story of a woman who decides to play the childhood game of Bloody Mary after she finds a mysterious package. To make a long story short, if she plays by the rules and Mary will show you the love of your life your destiny. If not, she’s fucked.

The rules are as follows:

  • Light a candle in one hand hold a mirror in the other.
  • Close your eyes and chant “Bloody Mary” six times.
  • Take a deep breath, lift the mirror to your face and perhaps you shall find your Prince.

As viewers, we know things aren’t going to go as planned, it’s just a matter of what goes wrong. Because of this, I was really watching this scene to see what would go wrong. All I could come up with was that she wasn’t actually holding the candle or the mirror. This is never talked about which is sort of a bummer.

In any case, from here we get some SUPER creepy imagery, a couple of truly tremendous jump scares and overall a pretty compelling story even if it does look super low budget. That being said, when you recall the fact that this is film is shot, edited, and scored all on an iPhone 6 it’s really quite impressive (especially considering how many assholes on the Internet still upload videos to YouTube in portrait).

There are a couple of things that really remind you you’re watching an iPhone video including some audio issues, some massive red eye issues (which I actually thought MAY have been part of the plot at one point) and the “special effects” in a couple of scenes which are clearly limited by the technology. That said, as I mentioned before this is certainly worth a watch even if it’s just to get some ideas of the cool things you can do with your cell phone. Mad props to the film makers!

To learn more about Bloody Mary: Possession check out the links below:

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