Reviews – 2016

The Conjuring 2: Conjure Harder

The Conjuring 2 Still

** Mostly Spoiler Free ** Okay so Trapjaw beat me to the punch, also having seen the movie this week. His review is pretty spot on, so I don’t want to rehash what he said in any great detail (just go read it). I have to concur with him, I …

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The Conjuring 2: Horror Done Right

The Conjuring 2 (2016)

The Conjuring was a breath of fresh air back in 2013.  Found footage was becoming stale.  Zombies were dying off as well.  The world needed something different. So, Hollywood looked to the past.  Ed and Lorraine Warren were famous paranormal experts who founded the New England Society for Psychic Research in 1952. …

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The Boy (2016) – PG-13 Horror Done Right

The Boy (2016)

The Boy was directed by William Brent Bell and written by Stacey Delay. It stars Lauren Cohan (Maggie from The Walking Dead) and Rupert Evans. The Boy tells the story of Greta (Cohan) who is a young American woman who takes a job as a nanny in a remote English village. She …

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Satanic Ritual Abuse Explored in Regression

Regression (2015)

Satanic Ritual Abuse. You just don’t see that term thrown around as much these days.  But back in the 80s and 90s, it made the news cycle a few times.  While the term terrorized Christians throughout the United States, it introduced me to some pretty cool horror movies that I …

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Bloody Mary: Possession (2016)

Bloody Mary Possession

Back in October of 2015 I reviewed a film called Angelic Wolves that was shot and edited completely on an iPhone 4s. The folks behind Angelic Wolves are back with their next effort titled Bloody Mary: Possession. Just as with Wolves, Bloody Mary was shot, edited, and scored all on an …

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10 Cloverfield Lane Explores Post 911 USA

10 Cloverfield Lane

Throughout the short history of Hollywood, artists have drawn upon real life tragedies regularly.  Horror movies especially have a particularly strong take on events.  Hell, last year, who could escape the It Follows marketing and revelation that the film was about STD’s?  Jason, Freddy, and Michael always punished the “bad kids” for drinking, …

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Voodoo Rising (2016) – Them Woods Is Evil

Voodoo Rising (2016)

Back in October I reviewed a movie called Scarred written and directed by Eddie Lengyel. Since then I’ve had an opportunity to sit down and interview Eddie and during that conversation I became aware of his next project Voodoo Rising. I’m back again today with a review of that film that …

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Refuge (2016) – No One Leaves


Last month we brought you the news that the highly acclaimed post-­Apocalyptic thriller Refuge had been released by Gravitas Ventures and was available on VOD, iTunes and Amazon. I’m back today with a review of the film. Director Andrew Robertson has asked me to keep my review spoiler free so I’ll …

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Wolf House – Six People. One House. Lots Of Monsters.

Wolf House

Listed as being “based on true events”, Wolf House is an upcoming found footage film directed by Matt D. Lord, co-written by Ken Cosentino and Elizabeth Houlihan. It stars Jessica Bell, Ken Cosentino, Marcus Ganci-Rotella, Elizabeth Houlihan, Marc Sturdivant and Rick Williams as six friends who in October 2010, went on a camping trip. This found footage at …

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