Fall Is Here Horror Fans!

Fall is Here

This past Saturday was officially the first day of Fall! And while we’re always all about horror here at ScareTissue I think it’s fair to say that Fall is officially horror season! Special thanks to ScareTissue fan Eddy for finding this and sharing it with us!

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Zombie vs. Baby

Zombie vs Baby

Parents out there know just how true this comparison really is. Pay special attention to the General Attributes section… they’re spot on. Image credit goes to

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Negan – Man of His Word

Negan - Man of His Word

No spoilers here, but Negan certainly proved to be a man of his word during last night’s season premier of The Walking Dead. Did you watch the season premier of The Walking Dead last night? What’d you think?

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Matthew Therrien Final Girls Artwork Coming Soon

Final Girls & Cinema Survivors - Laurie Strode (Halloween)

You’re a horror fan. If you aren’t you wouldn’t be reading this article right now. I ran across something today that blew my mind and I’m guessing you’ll love it too. Matthew Therrien is a Toronto-based graphic designer and illustrator, specializing in poster design and comic art. Using a combination of traditional and …

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